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Tank Truck

Parker 7216E  light-weight, flexible hose for petroleum transfer, full suction and discharge applications.



Marine Exhaust

Fuel, oil and hydraulic fluids soft wall marine exhaust hose.



Fuel & Vapor

A multi-purpose hose that can be used as a fuel line, PCV connection, emission control line or fuel return line.


Gasoline Dispenser

Designed for curb pump self-service stations and highly sensitive electronic fuel pumps.



Hot Tar & Ashphalt

150 PSI hot tar and asphalt suction and delivery hose.




A lightweight, flexible gasoline and other petroleum products transfer hose.




A versatile, wire reinforced flexible multi-purpose hose.  Oil resistant tube and cover; available in 1/8” increment inside diameters.




Black specially-blended neoprene biofuel petroleum suction hose.



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