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847 3M Nitrile Rubber & Gasket Adhesive

A premium quality, reddish brown, multi-purpose adhesive that develops strong flexible bonds.


Part # 847-QT        quart size

            847-5OZ     5 oz. tube


1300 3M Neoprene Rubber & Gasket Adhesive

A yellow solvent type synthetic rubber based adhesive.


Part # 1300-QT      quart size

            1300-5OZ   5 oz. tube

1357 3M Neoprene Contact Adhesive

A gray-green or light yellow-colored high performance contact adhesive.


Part # 1357-QT      quart size

            1357-5OZ   5 oz. tube

Industrial Adhesive E6000

A tough, flexible and highly versatile rubber based industrial adhesive. 


Part # E6000-3.7OZ     tube

            E6000-10.3OZ  caulk cartridge


A shoe repair and general purpose adhesive.


Part # SHOOGOO-3OZ   3 oz. tube

90 3M™ Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive Clear

An industrial high strength aerosol spray adhesive. 


Part # 90-SPRAY-ADHESIVE     24 fl. oz. can

RTV Silicone Sealant

Silicone caulk available in a variety of colors and grades.


Part # RTV-732-CLEAR-10.3OZ



Pipe Sealant with Teflon

Never-Seez Pipe Compound with Teflon® is recommended for use on black iron, galvanized, and stainless steel pipe and fittings.


Part # NPBT-8


A ready-to-use repair and patching compound.


Part # LM-48      3 lb. can


A thinner for Lab-metal, Lab-solvent is recommended as a metal cleaner and degreaser to prepare surfaces for Lab-metal.


Part # LS-PINT   16 oz. can

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