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Lexan Polycarbonate

A clear thermoplastic sheet product with an excellent balance of clarity and toughness, and is available in colors as a special order.


A clear thermoplastic sheet product with excellent clarity and is suitable for general purpose use, and is available in colors as a special order.


Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene has excellent durability and a low friction characteristic, and is available in white and black.


Nylon offers toughness, wear resistance, tensile strength and a natural lubricity making it a good choice for many mechanical machine parts.


High Density Polyethylene has high impact and tensile strength, energy absorption, and abrasion and stress crack resistance.

Gray PVC

PVC has normal impact strength and is corrosion and chemical resistant.


ABS offers a good cost/performance balance, toughness, high-gloss finish and is available in colors.

Acetal (Delrin)

Acetal offers high strength, rigidity, dimensional stability, and low moisture absorption.

Phenolic (Micarta)

A lightweight, structurally sound, moisture-resistant, high-temp high pressure laminate with good electrical properties.


Teflon offers outstanding chemical and heat resistance with a low coefficient friction.

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